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Tree waterers!!

Many thanks to all those (some pictured above) who came out to help water the trees.   It really did only take 45 minutes (seriously!!), and we've helped to keep the park a wonderful oasis!!   Please, please, do consider helping out in the future...many hands do make light work....!

Tree waterers!!2015-08-10T13:41:11-04:00

Aug 9 – Norwood Park tree watering!!

Norwood Park Tree watering! - Sunday - 3pm -  Please, please help!! It may be grey and overcast...but the trees have not had much water. Please join us tomorrow, Sunday August 9 at 3:00 pm for 45 minutes of social time watering the trees. Really, it'll only take 45 minutes, and every extra person helps

Aug 9 – Norwood Park tree watering!!2015-08-08T10:38:11-04:00