Ping Pong table in Norwood Park

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Some of the neighbours are currently looking into getting a ping pong table fin Norwood Park. You have probably seen these tables installed in other parks around our area.  Some have thought that it could go near the current playground … Continued

Pumpkin Parade!!

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Thanks so much to Peter and Susie Vree who organized this.  And thanks to our Councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon who helped to arrange the dumpster to cart away the ‘kins at the end of the event.  

Nov 1 – Pumpkin Parade!!

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Fantastic turn out for the “Pumpkin Parade”!! Over 142 pumpkins came out!!   Many thanks to Susie and Peter Vree and Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon for organizing this!!   Join us again next year, on Nov 1!!!