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Ping Pong table in Norwood Park

Some of the neighbours are currently looking into getting a ping pong table fin Norwood Park. You have probably seen these tables installed in other parks around our area.  Some have thought that it could go near the current playground area. The first step in this process is to show that there is community interest in

Ping Pong table in Norwood Park2017-08-22T12:26:43-04:00

Family Day – Chose your own adventure!!

Without anyone stepping forward to help arrange activities for Family Day, we would encourage everyone to come to Norwood Park on Monday, February 20, 2017, and chose an activity that you enjoy doing!!   Perhaps if there is snow left, you and your children can make a snow fort!     Or, if there is

Family Day – Chose your own adventure!!2017-02-14T17:54:12-05:00

Family Day!! — can you help out??

  The last few Family Days have been great fun!   In large part because Pete and Susie Vree have organized great events to happen in Norwood Park on that day.   Pete and Susie are more than willing to provide guidance about what works and how to do it....we just need someone with the

Family Day!! — can you help out??2017-01-16T17:36:08-05:00

Pumpkin Parade!!

Thanks so much to Peter and Susie Vree who organized this.  And thanks to our Councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon who helped to arrange the dumpster to cart away the 'kins at the end of the event.  

Pumpkin Parade!!2016-11-01T20:49:56-04:00

Tree Watering – Sun June 5 @ 10am – just 45 minutes!!

‪#‎TreeWatering‬ in ‪#‎NorwoodParkTO‬ It's been a long stretch of dry weather. We have had forecasts of rain for many days....and nothing. SO.....unless it is raining tomorrow morning, we'd love it if you could take a very short amount of time and help us water the trees. If you back onto the park, we would very

Tree Watering – Sun June 5 @ 10am – just 45 minutes!!2016-06-04T11:46:10-04:00

Live The Design Process

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