Family Day – Chose your own adventure!!

Without anyone stepping forward to help arrange activities for Family Day, we would encourage everyone to come to Norwood Park on Monday, February 20, 2017, and chose an activity that you enjoy doing!!   Perhaps if there is snow left, you and your children can make a snow fort!     Or, if there is

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Family Day!! — can you help out??

  The last few Family Days have been great fun!   In large part because Pete and Susie Vree have organized great events to happen in Norwood Park on that day.   Pete and Susie are more than willing to provide guidance about what works and how to do it....we just need someone with the

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Pumpkin Parade!!

Thanks so much to Peter and Susie Vree who organized this.  And thanks to our Councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon who helped to arrange the dumpster to cart away the 'kins at the end of the event.  

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Nov 1 – Pumpkin Parade!!

Fantastic turn out for the "Pumpkin Parade"!! Over 142 pumpkins came out!!   Many thanks to Susie and Peter Vree and Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon for organizing this!!   Join us again next year, on Nov 1!!!  

Nov 1 – Pumpkin Parade!!2015-11-02T18:55:10-05:00

Aug 9 – Norwood Park tree watering!!

Norwood Park Tree watering! - Sunday - 3pm -  Please, please help!! It may be grey and overcast...but the trees have not had much water. Please join us tomorrow, Sunday August 9 at 3:00 pm for 45 minutes of social time watering the trees. Really, it'll only take 45 minutes, and every extra person helps

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July 30 – Movie in the Park

Join us in Norwood Park on Thursday, July 30 to see the family friendly movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox.   Movie will start at dusk, around 8:30 p.m.   Bring a chair / blanket, warm clothes (if needed), bug spray (likely needed), and some munchies!!    

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June 27 – Street Sale!

Osborne Ave is holding its annual Street Sale this Saturday morning (June 27) from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon - there is no rain date. Osborne is a one-way street so the Sale runs north from Lyall Ave through to Gerrard St E.

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