Improvements to Norwood Park playground

Norwood Park is a 1.6 hectare located at 16 Norwood Rd., near Gerrard Street East and Woodbine Avenue. The children’s playground is being updated to increase accessibility and ensure it is in good condition for park users. The scope of work may include: New and/or refurbished play elements New universally accessible safety surfacing The City

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Improvements to Norwood Park

With the dedicated efforts of many (and many calls and emails to the City) we have gotten the City to add mulch to the bases of the new trees. The mulch will help the trees retain water and will protect them from dogs and nasty whippersnippers.   All of the trees should now have a

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COVID-19 & Norwood Park

We have asked the City to open up the tennis courts and install 3 of the 5 tennis nets. The hope is that this will give the kids who are staying home for the next three week things to do: play tennis, play shinny or basketball (if we can bring in portable basketball hoops). The

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Financial grant for Park events!!

We have an opportunity to apply for a grant of money to conduct events in Norwood Park. One event MUST be on June 20, 2020, and two other events must be between April 18, 2020 and Dec 31, 2020. Do YOU have an idea for an event? Perhaps an event on Earth Day in April?...maybe

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Main Street Planning Study – Official Plan Amendments

NEIGHBOURS - Just received this (BELOW THE PICTURE) as an email from our Councillor, Brad Bradford. Although there are only TWO WEEKS to make submissions, you SHOULD really look at the attachments (especially the Staff Report and Background Study - Click the links), as they are very informative, contain a LOT of information, and may

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Redevelopment of 777 Victoria Park

The City of Toronto and CreateTO will be hosting the second Housing Now Community Meeting for 777 Victoria Park on Monday, September 9th to share the updated development concept, provide further information on the next stages of the Housing Now Initiative and respond to your questions and comments. City staff will present their recommendations to City Council

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Skating rink!

Can you help us out with the watering of the skating rink? If so, please email: admin@east-toronto.ca However, please, please, do NOT use the rink without ensuring that the water is FULLY frozen... ...otherwise, you will destroy the rink for everyone.

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Tree Watering – Sun June 5 @ 10am – just 45 minutes!!

‪#‎TreeWatering‬ in ‪#‎NorwoodParkTO‬ It's been a long stretch of dry weather. We have had forecasts of rain for many days....and nothing. SO.....unless it is raining tomorrow morning, we'd love it if you could take a very short amount of time and help us water the trees. If you back onto the park, we would very

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Family Day Events

    Everyone had a great time at the Family Day events!  Look at all the fun in the park!!     Many thanks to Susie and Pete Vree for making a wonderful time in the park happen, and great shout out to Gene Domagala for his wonderful historic tour of the community!!

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