From the Facilitator for the Danforth Garage project:


Dear Danforth Garage Master Plan LAC members,

We’re writing to share the reporting schedule for the Danforth Garage Master Plan. Following the Danforth Garage Master Plan engagement process, CreateTO, the City and its consultant team have compiled the work undertaken during the process to prepare reports to the CreateTO Board, Executive Committee and City Council.

Below is the schedule which sets out the key dates for reporting. On April 15, 2019, a presentation providing  an overview of the process and suggested next steps for consideration will be made to the CreateTO Board. The presentation has been posted to the City’s TIMMIS website and can be found here. All future reports, in addition to the Danforth Garage Master Plan Study, prepared by DTAH and the broader team, will be made available through the City’s TIMMIS website five business days prior to the scheduled meeting; links will also be provided on the project website

Thank you for your ongoing participation in the process and all your work as part of the Local Advisory Committee.

CreateTO BoardApril 15, 2019Presentation
CreateTO BoardMay 13, 2019Report + Recommendations
Toronto Preservation BoardApril 30, 2019Statement of Significance
Executive CommitteeJune 6, 2019Report + Recommendations
City CouncilJune 18, 2019Report + Recommendations

Matthew Wheatley
Facilitation team supporting CreateTO and the City of Toronto
(416) 572-4365
Swerhun Facilitation