An issue of concern is the Ed McCleverty Equal Access Playground located next to Ted Reeve Arena and the “bubble” rink. I had spoke with our councillor at the ETNA public meeting and was told that there was a study planned for this park as well as another. My hope is that ETNA and the public will have input into the rejuvenation of these parks. I also hope that the Ed McCleverty Playground will continue to be an equal access playground as this is what it was dedicated to be. I am a friend of Norma McCleverty, wife of the late Ed McCleverty for whom this playground was named after. Norma stills lives just a few blocks from this playground and it is her hope as well to see this playground remain accessible to all children as was the dream of her late husband.
I believe that ETNA should have a voice in the future of this playground and I would like to be a part of that voice. I grew up using that playground as did my children. I now spend a great deal of time there with my grandchildren. I have spoken with many neighbourhood parents, grandparents, and caregivers about this playground and have taken note of their suggestions. I would like to have the opportunity to share those ideas with ETNA.


Carmen Vanderreest


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