Danforth Garage

Danforth Garage – update

From the Facilitator for the Danforth Garage project: ------ Dear Danforth Garage Master Plan LAC members, We’re writing to share the reporting schedule for the Danforth Garage Master Plan. Following the Danforth Garage Master Plan engagement process, CreateTO, the City and its consultant team have compiled the work undertaken during the process to prepare reports

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Danforth Garage – Update from July 10 meeting

Folks, as you will recall, there was a meeting on July 10 that a representative from the East Toronto Neighbourhood Association attended. Here is an update (with links....click the links...they give a LOT of information) of what happened:   Dear Local Advisory Committee members, We’re writing to share the final meeting summary from the first

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Want a say in the “Danforth Garage”?

  I was sent this information by the City. If someone in the neighbourhood is interested in representing our neighbourhood, please let me know so that I can get you the application. They have extended the deadline until tomorrow, July 5 (I know...tight timeline...they only recently sent this to me).       CreateTO and

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